10 Perfect Praise & Worship Songs For When You Can’t Kick Your Anxiety

The Holy Spirit can truly move through music. When we sing, our emotions are kindled and lifted up to the Lord more easily through a melody, and we’re able to use the lyrics to express ourselves better and more poetically (which is what the soul longs for), than if we were to try to come up with the prayer on our own. We are showing God our faith in Him by reaching out in song and expressing whatever the theme of the song may be.

All of this is a way of giving God permission to participate in our prayer and our lives. It shows Him that you are investing in Him with your soul (emotions), mind (prayer of the song), and body (vocal chords). When we sing praise and worship with our hearts, we are basically gift wrapping our hearts and giving them to God in a touching and beautiful way and He will respond to that similarly.

Thanksgiving, joyfulness, despair, sorrow and hope are all emotions to bring to God in song. Besides when it might be deemed inappropriate to belt out in song, anytime is good to go to God this way.

Today I would like to share 10 songs to sing when you can’t seem to kick your anxiety. When it feels like you’ve tried everything, when your panic attack is at its worst, or when your brain seems out of control with thoughts of fear and worry, I recommend that you turn to these songs (and others not mentioned that I am sure are good). Memorize the lyrics, internalize them, make them your own and then sing to God with all your heart. In doing so, you invite God to join you in your battle. When He fights, no matter how long it takes, He wins!

  1. Nothing I Hold Onto – Will Regan
  2. Battle Belongs – Phil Whickam
  3. Surrounded (Fight My Battles) – Upperroom
  4. Canvas and the Clay – Pat Barrett
  5. Graves into Gardens – Elevation Worship
  6. Oceans – Hillsong United
  7. Do It Again – Elevation Worship
  8. No Longer Slaves – Bethel
  9. Famous For – Tauren Wells
  10. Resurrecting – Elevation Worship

These songs are filled with repetitive lyrics that we can sing in prayer to God to seek His peace while at the same time increasing our faith in His desire to give it to us. Whether you are in the car, with friends, or playing the song on an instrument, these are all 100% tested and approved. Hope they help you! And if there is any that you would like to add to the list, let us know!

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