10 Steps To Overcome Fear

Kris Vallotton, a senior pastor at Bethel Church in California, once said, “We would never trust a person who lies to us as much as our fears do.” What he means is that we often allow ourselves to succumb to believing that fear is more than just an emotional response to something we do not want. Furthermore, we usually think that if we are afraid of something, it must be bound to happen, or it will really hurt us. In this way, we allow our fear to influence us to hold incorrect beliefs and sometimes even make poor decisions based on those beliefs.

I am not saying that things you fear will never happen or hurt you. However, due to the emotional charge of fear, we tend to overdramatize the circumstances involved and think the worst will happen or that we will never be able to overcome that which we fear once it happens. I am not downplaying the events you fear in your life by saying this either, but I am speaking from my own experience.

For instance, before I quit my addictions, I was terribly afraid of what my life would be like without drugs and alcohol. It turned out that I was wrong about this, and it was not true. Before I had children, I often feared whether or not I could handle or would be good at being a father. Lame dad jokes aside, I now see that those fears of inadequacy were untrue and genuinely based on past misinformation I convinced myself of through other poor experiences.

I have come to see that no bad thing can be experienced that is worth the torment of fear. Of course, I am still a work in progress and need to utilize the following ways to overcome fear just as much as anyone else. However, I still recognize that fear is not worth my time or effort.

If you are hoping to overcome your fears, I have also included a list of ten ways to assist you. I have provided this many because there are various things and circumstances that we can fear. Some might work in every situation, and some might work in only a few situations. Please go through these and determine which you think will help you overcome your fear the best. Utilizing a few of these techniques will help tremendously.

  1. Hope In God, Not A Specific Outcome.

When you fear things will or will not happen, you often find yourself stressing out more. All your worry is focused on whether or not things will work out a certain way. An excellent way to handle this fear is to hope in God by simply looking to Him and believing He will bring a good outcome, whatever it may look like.

  1. Believe In Providence.

Have peace because God brings good out of all things for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Truly, even if your worst fear occurs, God can and will lead you to a beautiful life, not just despite this, but through this.

  1. Rest In God’s Presence.

Let God Himself comfort you by sitting in a comfortable position, thinking about how He is close to you, and giving up that which you fear to Him in an act of surrender.

  1. Build Your Faith By Reading Biblical Stories Of Others Having Faith.

Find inspiration and receive supernatural encouragement by reading stories of heroic faith in the Bible. The Scriptures are filled with people believing in God despite adversity and daunting circumstances. These include Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus.

  1. Remember Times When God Has Come Through For You In The Past.

Fight your future fears with past victories. Use those moments when God has come through for you as evidence that He will do that again.

  1. Renounce Your Fear In The Name Of Jesus.

Don’t let your fear have power over you and control you. Say, “In the Name of Jesus, I renounce my fear of [what it is you fear].” This might not immediately remove the fear, but it will begin to chip away at it by releasing you from the supernatural effects that fear can have on you.

  1. Come Up With A Plan For Your Fear.

Practically speaking, think about what you would do if the thing you fear were to happen. Have a plan in place so that you are ready ahead of time. This will help reduce your anxiety because you will see the thing you fear more as something you can handle.

  1. Meditate On Jesus Dying On The Cross And Then Rising From The Dead.

This will have many effects on you supernaturally and psychologically. Psychologically, you will see the reality of what God can do with a person who surrenders to Him despite their fear. Supernaturally, you will receive tremendous graces that will boost your faith and love of God, which will quiet your fear.

  1. Be extremely charitable. 

By thinking beyond yourself to the needs of others, you can come to think less of your fear, both in frequency and magnitude. Furthermore, the grace you receive from loving others and putting their needs before your own can supernaturally boost your confidence in the Lord to view more of Him and less of what you fear.

  1. View what you fear as an opportunity to trust in God and improve your relationship with Him.

God knows that the best thing for you is to trust in Him and rely on Him. Therefore, if this impending thing you fear is helping you to do this, it is the best thing that could ever happen to you. (I actually write more about this here.) Remember that He would never send you anything that He wouldn’t also help you with, so use whatever it is you fear as a reminder to depend on Him with all of your heart.

Remember that you can use as many of the items on this list as you need in order to battle your fears. If you have any suggestions on overcoming your fears that you want to share with us, please send them to info@zenithministries.com. Finally, if you would like more help overcoming your fears, consider signing up for our one-on-one mentorship meetings. These meetings will help you find healing, direction, and a personalized plan to discover hope, joy, and freedom in your life. You can find more information about this here.

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