5 Steps To Let God Work Through You

There is a false understanding that some people have, in which they think that unless they work for a church or ministry, then their job is separated from their faith and really does not have an impact on others spiritually. I recently spoke with a Christian car salesman who, after hearing what I did, downplayed his own job as comparatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

I could not disagree more, and not just because I needed to buy a car that day. There is a great need for Christians basked in God’s love and holiness to enter into the world through various occupations where they can encounter people and help them to encounter God. We need Christians of all walks of life to be the leaven of society that raises it up with God’s presence.

To fully understand this, we need to recognize what leaven does. Most people know this, but let’s truly ponder it to grasp more deeply this beautiful reality. If you bake bread without leaven, it is flat, hard, and not fluffy. It can still be eaten and taste good, but it will be missing a certain texture that many find more desirable.

Adding the leaven gives the bread a lighter, more pleasant texture and feel. It is a softer experience, and so it is much easier to take a slice of leavened bread with some butter to eat, as opposed to a piece of hard, unleavened bread.

Then, in turning our thoughts to society, we think of Christians as that leaven added to the bread of the world that makes the world more joyful, uplifting, and, in a way, easier to take. This is done through our living our Christian philosophies and teachings for sure; however, it really is more than just what we do. It is even more than who we are as Christians. It is ultimately about who God is.

Truly, without God, we cannot have the proper effect on society, one that is as lasting and fruitful as it is with Him. God is the source of everything good, true, and beautiful, and so if we want to bring these things into the world, He needs to be a part of it. The mission then is not simply to behave and do kind acts of charity, but to carry God with us into the world.

Essentially, we are filled with the presence of God when we are in communion with Him. This means that God is a guest of your soul and brings full meaning to the words of St. Paul who says in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit”. Just like the Temple of the Jewish people in the Bible held the presence of God, so too do you when you are in communion with Him.

This makes every human task and occupation extremely significant. Every job is important. Whether you are a CEO, a software engineer, a baker, a teacher, or a Pilates instructor, you have the capacity and ability to bring God, in real life, to those who you encounter. Truly, the people you meet throughout your day will be in the presence of God through you, and this will have a tremendous effect, whether you notice it or not.

I once heard a story of a very holy man who would ride the train. It was a normal train with a variety of people riding to their various destinations for work and life. This man would sit and keep to himself reading the paper and still, due to being so filled with God, there were reports of people who would be convicted by the Lord and convert simply by sitting near the man.

God can do this through you. God wants to do this through you. God wants you to be so filled by Him that people experience Him through you. And it won’t always be done through mighty acts of healing or miraculous events. Often, they will experience God through you simply by noticing that there is something different about you or the very presence of God within you speaks to them without anyone taking notice.

God will work though you and He will do so in powerful ways that will amaze you. While it is His power and glory at work within you that will do this, you still need to participate in order to facilitate the encounter for others. Below I have 5 steps that you can take to let God work through you in this way.

1. Seek friendship with God.

This is the essential task of the Christian. Not only are we made for and find our fulfillment in our friendship with God, but there are other benefits as well. Ultimately, this friendship will help you navigate your life, find security in your identity, and carry God within you. This friendship is the communion with God spoken of earlier, and a natural aspect of it is that you cultivate it like you would any friendship, with time and attention.

As you grow in your relationship with God, you will begin to notice Him working through you more and more. Sometimes you will even know and say things without knowing exactly where these things came from. People will begin to see something different in you as well and they will even tell you this at times. Finally, you will begin to see God moving in your life more, making the rest of these steps much easier and more natural for you.

2. Ask God to work through you.

God wants you to choose Him with your free will. Your verbal consent to letting Him work through you will show Him this. Furthermore, asking anything of God shows profound faith and beautiful humility, which God always loves to see. Ask God to work through you at any time, but especially those times where you foresee something important happening, like a big conversation, a work proposal, a date, or even when you wake up in the morning, you can ask Him to work through you throughout the whole day.

3. Be open to what God wants.

It is important to not be closed off to what God wants to do. It is ok to have a plan; however, you should also be open to what God wants. Many times, He will guide you to do something completely different than what you expected, and if you choose not to let that happen, in order to do what you wanted, then you might not see the fruit that God could have brought about.

For this reason, I have learned to ask God to help me to step out of the way so that I do not try to force what I want over what He wants. Often, before I meet with people, I will say a prayer in which I include, “Please do not let me get in the way of what You want to tell this person.”

4. Ask for forgiveness for the wrongs you have done.

Cut your ties with any offenses you have committed against God or others. Let God know that you recognize what you have done wrong and ask Him to forgive you. This will help you detach from wanting to do these things to make more room for God in your heart.

Even if you are not fully detached from the desire to do these things, recognizing it is wrong and asking for forgiveness is enough. Simply tell God “I am sorry” in your heart. If you are Catholic, the sacrament of Confession is available to you to help you not only tell God you are sorry, but receive the grace to help you overcome your sinfulness as well.

5. Trust that God is working through you even when its hard to see it.

Often, we want to see evidence that something is working. However, usually for the sake of our humility, sometimes God will not let us to see the fruits of our actions. You might not see the impact that your life has on others. However, if you are taking the steps above, God will definitely work through you.

Practice letting go of the urge to see for yourself exactly how God is working through you and simply trust that He is with you. However, if you truly long to know that He is working through you, try asking Him to show you this. God is good and He might be waiting for you to ask Him to encourage you in this way.

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