5 Steps to Restoring Your Identity

5 Steps to Restoring Your Identity

Humans are more than we truly realize, however we are being beaten down by lies about our identity, which is who we are. Unfortunately, we believe these lies concerning our identity that chip away at our proper understanding of ourselves, causing us to think the wrong things about ourselves. This causes us to suffer and to often act in ways that can hurt ourselves or others. I would even argue that society as a whole has bought into many lies about the human person that has weakened society as a whole. 

What does this look like? Someone can grow up believing that they are only as good as the work that they do and suffer tremendously everyday trying to be good enough through appearing perfect. Another example, one that I personally struggled with, is someone that thinks that they are meant to only experience good feelings all of the time. This can cause the person to incorrectly cope with negative emotions and destroy their life by chasing after drugs, alcohol, and other fleeting pleasures.

The lies come about throughout someone’s life when they come to believe an incorrect notion about their identity. This seed is planted, takes root, and brings about bad fruits in the person’s life causing them and others to suffer. Furthermore, it keeps us from living out our potential for a full life of peace, joy, and true satisfaction.

What I mean is beautifully depicted in one of the greatest moments in the world of fiction literature, in Lord of the Rings, when Gandalf convinces King Theoden of his true identity. The story is from the book, the Two Towers, and can actually be seen in the movie as well, which takes it in a slightly different, while still very cool, direction. However, in the book you can see more of my point in what has happened to us.

In the story, Gandalf visits the King who appears very aged, weak and sick. What basically brought this weakened state about, we find out, is that the king had continued to listen to his bad counselor known as Wormtongue. It turned out that Wormtongue had convinced the king over time that he was too old and weak to be the leader that he truly was. Furthermore, we discover that Wormtongue is a spy planted by the enemy Saruman to do exactly what he did.

In the book, Gandalf is able to convince Theoden of his power and identity as King by simply speaking to him the truth about who he is. We slowly see the king grow stronger and more confident no longer believing the lies told by his evil counselor. He grows back into his true self and his kingdom is all the better for it.

The Two Towers movie depicts this scene as well, but actually has the words of Wormwood cast a spell on Theoden causing him to be possessed by Saruman. Gandalf surprisingly casts out Saruman, which actually looks like an exorcism. This shows us the reality of how far believing lies about our identity can take us from our relationship with God. You can watch this scene here if you are curious.

King Theoden was weakened and living a drab existence because he had an incorrect understanding of his identity. I believe that we are suffering from the exact same attack from our enemy, the devil. Human beings have been beaten down by his lies from the very beginning with Adam and Eve being convinced that who they were consisted of being equals with God instead of His children (see Genesis 3:5). Over the centuries, humans, both as individuals and humanity as a whole, have bought into lies that have weakened us just like King Theoden.

For us as individuals, we have all at times given ourselves over to the constant barrage of falsities that echo inside our heads like, “You are not good enough”, “You don’t deserve to be happy”, “You can’t let others see the real you”, “You can only be loved when you do what others want”, or some other nuanced versions of these. The truths that counter these, that help you to live in the reality of who you are, that you need to know true peace and happiness, are important to know so that you are able to grow in freedom. The truth is that every human has tremendous value, every human deserves and is meant for joy, every human is meant to be known and loved, and we should not feel weighed down by others' expectations of us. We should feel free and at peace with sharing our hearts with others!

Maybe there is something in your own understanding of who you are that is wreaking havoc in your life? The good news is that there is hope. Like King Theoden, people are waking up to these lies everyday to discover the truth of who they truly are and the joy that God has planned for them. Below I have shared a few steps that you can take to begin your journey in restoring your identity.

Steps to Restoring Your Identity

  1. Counter all negative thoughts about yourself.

    When you notice yourself thinking a self-inflicting negative thought, ask yourself if it is really true. I would say that 9 times out of 10 that this thought is a vicious lie and it should be corrected as soon as possible. Do not let your mind be continually washed with negative thoughts. One thing you can do with the thought is to bring it to Jesus and ask Him if it is true.
  1. Speak the Truth about yourself.

    Instead of continuing to believe the lies about your identity, repeat the opposite statements to counter the lies. For example, if the lie that comes into your mind is, “I am a failure”, remind yourself that, while failures can happen in life, they do not define you nor does it mean that you will never succeed! It is even helpful to find a quiet place alone to state the truths out loud to yourself.

  2. Read the Bible to learn who you are, where you came from, and what you are meant for.
    The Scriptures tell the story of humanity. Within these stories we can discover tremendous truths about what it means to be human. We especially learn where we come from, who we are, and that we are made for more than this world.

  3. Ask Jesus what He thinks of you.

    In our prayers we can talk to God. He will respond by helping us to understand either with words or by allowing us to simply know. Ask Jesus what He thinks of you and give Him time to respond. Believe that He will respond and expect Him to bestow His goodness upon you. Tremendous healing can come from simply doing this on your own.

  4. Forgive Others.

    When we refuse to forgive others, we are actually trapping ourselves in a cage of bitterness and resentment, which does more damage than you think. Forgiving others, including ourselves, will release you from this prison and uncloud your vision of yourself and the reality that you live in. Seek to forgive those who hurt you by simply praying for them and not seeking revenge. While you may still feel pain from what they did, you will still have forgiven them. There is more that can be experienced with forgiveness, but this is the perfect start!

Sometimes, people should seek the guidance of someone trained in inner healing to receive help in restoring their identities. If you would like assistance with restoring your identity, we can help. At Zenith Ministries, we have been seeing tremendous results with our one on one mentorship where we offer insight, real life solutions, inner healing, and spiritual guidance to those who need it. Reach out today to receive a free consultation to see how we can help you overcome your struggles and enter into the beautiful life you were meant for. You can email us at info@zenithministries.com or call/text at 404-333-8978. More info at www.zenithministries.com/mentorship.

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