How To See God Every Day

How To See God Every Day

Human existence is so much deeper than we realize. We are truly swimming at the bottom of the ocean of the spiritual world. Angels surround us, and God is highly present to us at all times. There are evil forces too, but my hope in sharing my story is to help you see God more in your day-to-day life. 

When I was 18, I lived in an apartment close to the campus of the college I briefly attended. I was hanging out with some friends on campus when it started to rain. I thought about how I would rather be home during the storm, so I said goodbye and started running.

I ran down the street, and honestly, I was not paying any attention to the world around me. I crossed the street without looking, and I heard a honk. I looked over, and a car was about three feet away from me. I was dead center on target for the car to hit me when I felt a push propelling me beyond the car’s trajectory. It completely missed me.

I looked around and saw no one as the car drove off. Even though I was an atheist, I sensed an angel had pushed me. I would use this experience later in life to change my mind about atheism; however, at the time, I just thought it was an incredible yet unimportant experience. My thinking was, “The car did not hit me, so time to go get drunk!”

Looking back, I have no doubt this was an angelic experience. Why this happened to me, I have no clue. However, it points to the reality of the spiritual world around us and its interaction with our existence. This and many other similar experiences that others share mean that we are not alone in the spiritual universe, and there are more than angels present to us.

There are many ways that I and others have experiences of God, and they are all beautiful and bring tremendous peace. The most common is how God teaches us by imparting knowledge (see Daniel 2:28 or Jeremiah 31:33). This means that we know things without knowing how we know them. We just do!

This gift can come to you in prayer, but often it comes at other times. You will see more deeply into movies, books, songs on the radio, experiences you have, conversations, or other moments because God will share with you an understanding of these things.

This experience of understanding leads you to begin to see Him in everything. It is the fulfillment of Jesus’ beatitude, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8)”. You can see God every day.

Many might scoff at this or claim that God and the spiritual realm are not real because they do not feel as if they see or experience them. They claim this lack of experience is scientific proof that God is not real and Christianity is senseless and dumb. What they fail to understand is not only is lack of experience not proof, but many others have those experiences that the scoffers fail to recognize.

What is missing, then? Why are those who discredit faith unable to see what so many of us Christians see? Truly, they fail to follow the scientific method. In other words, they do not want to put in the work.

Every scientist writes down their research for others to repeat and find the same conclusions. Many people who have discovered the Lord and the faith throughout history have written books about their experiences and how they live. We can see these writings as perfect instruction manuals on how to discover what they discovered. Furthermore, the Bible is a mystically written instruction manual on how to see and know God.

What is more, there are many people today who are experiencing God. I experience God every day, and I am an average person. This means that anyone can experience and know God. We just need to follow the proper steps. It is important to remember that we cannot limit God and should understand that He can work differently at times. However, we can see many people who come to have personal relationships with the Lord have at some point taken the following steps to grow incredibly close to the Lord.

First, it is good to note that this is more than simply checking off a few boxes. This is a journey that may take a long time for some people. The goal is not merely to take the steps; the goal is to discover and know God more and more. The steps are a way that one can reach this goal. Plus, God is a good God who will help you do this even if you are not the best at it. Give everything to Him and trust that He is helping you.

I have written some steps here for those looking to hear from God personally.

The following steps can begin your journey for those looking to simply discover more of God and experience the spiritual realm. Remember, though, that God is not a vending machine. This journey can be long and filled with a variety of experiences that might not look like the journeys of others. These are simply the first steps, but they will lead you to where you want to go if you are patient and persevere.

  1. Become less literal.

When my daughter makes me a card that says “I ❤️ Daddy,” I do not read the ❤️ as “heart.” I read it as love. We need to learn to see that many realities in life have a deeper meaning. I’m not saying to scour every text message you get to see if someone’s energy is off, but keep in mind that a flower means that God decorated this world for you. Or when someone else hurts you, it points out they are hurting.

Finally, the Bible is a great place to practice seeing symbolic language come to life. Understand the story literally but apply a symbolic way of viewing the stories to discover a tremendous amount of wisdom and direction for your life!

  1. Find a picture of Jesus to use when you pray.

I once received the advice for a job to look at someone’s LinkedIn picture when I am on the phone to help talk to them better. It reminds you that they are a real person and makes it easier to speak to them naturally. We can apply this to praying to Jesus. It will help you remember that you are speaking to a real person and not just the air when you pray. This will grow your understanding of Him over time and you will see Him as a person even when you are not using the picture.

  1. Sell all your belongings.

This is a good lesson in becoming less literal right here. Some may be called to literally sell everything they have like St. Francis did, to give to the poor. For others, this “selling” will be more of a detaching. At times, we can become overly attached to our possessions and activities. We can even make these things more important to us than God. We need to work to change this. You might not need to sell your watch or car; however, you should still have an attitude of satisfaction and be okay with not having these things. The plan is to base our worth on God’s love for us and not our love for our items. Then, we will grow closer to our spiritual reality by letting go of our physical belongings.

  1. See yourself like royalty.

While we are called to be spiritually poor, we should also consider that we have infinite value. This is from the simple fact that we are God’s children, but also due to our being purchased by Christ through the cross. Jesus redeemed us with His Blood, one drop of which could have saved 10,000 worlds. This means we are worth a lot! Furthermore, you can control yourself to love others. If we understand it correctly, the truth about this love is that your love coming from your heart is more valuable than all the treasures on the earth. For someone to be loved by you means they have a tremendous gift that only you can choose to give them.

Seeing yourself in this light will allow you to sharpen your spiritual sight. You will look past the physical dimension to the immense spiritual value we all possess.

  1. Only listen to those that you want to be like.

There are a lot of different voices in the world. Truthfully, on the same day, I once received negative feedback from two people for the same work that I did. One person expressed dislike while the other authentically praised and celebrated the same result. This showed me that you could not please everyone with your choices.

This path to discovering God you want to go down might make some people upset with you. Decide who you want to be like and listen to those people. In fact, you should seek out the people you want to be like to talk to and be around. This will help you get good advice and learn how to live like those you want to be like. And if those that you want to be like can experience the spiritual realm, you will find that you will as well very soon.

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