How to Surrender Your Life to God: Part II

Giving your life over to Jesus can be the hardest thing you can do, and yet, it will absolutely be the most fulfilling. Last week, I talked about what it means to give yourself to Jesus in this way, how it worked for me, and how to carry it out for yourself. You can find that post here.

I hope you were able to take the steps I suggested to really immerse yourself into the process of surrender to further enjoy the incredible benefit of Jesus, the Lord of the Universe, as the architect of your life.

If you have taken the first steps on the journey of surrender, you will start to see a gradual growth of certain positive qualities in your life. This week, I wanted to share some of these qualities to help identify the fruits that surrendering your life to Jesus will yield. In fact, the below qualities can be indicators you are truly giving your life to Jesus without holding anything back.

Look for the following qualities and ways of understanding developing in your life as you make your daily surrender to the Lord:

  1. You see past your mistakes and faults to God’s greater purpose and strength.

When you give your life to God, you notice His involvement in everything you experience. Furthermore, you see how He brings beauty and goodness through even your biggest mistakes and faults. You still try to work on things in your control, but you will grow in gratitude when your imperfection showcases God’s glory.

  1. You trust God more and worry less about the future.

You know with certitude God is leading you, helping you, and protecting you, not letting anything happen to you that is not good for you. You become more secure in Him than any other aspect of your life, which helps you judge the future with hope instead of fear.

  1. You see others as people to love instead of objects to use.

Your view of others becomes transformed. You grow in your awareness that other humans do not simply play a role in you achieving your happiness, but have dignity as children of the same Father you surrendered your life to. This means you see others as they really are, subjects to be loved, instead of objects to be used.

  1. You grow in wisdom.

When you surrender your life to God, you will be rewarded. God is very generous and gives tremendous gifts, one of the best being wisdom. Wisdom is viewing the world as it really is, without false ideologies. Your views are more balanced and find a deeper satisfaction in the choices you make and the actions you take.

  1. Your desires are purified, and you desire things that are best for you and others in your life.

Along with giving you Wisdom, the Holy Spirit will shape your heart to make it purer. It becomes easier to know what God wants for your life, because it is the same as the things you want. Your whole decision-making process will be transformed, and you will want good things. Not to say you won’t still need to test your desires and check yourself to be sure, however, the Lord will be your guide.

  1. You find meaning in your suffering.

Nothing deters good Christians from following the Lord like suffering, disappointment, and discomfort. When these things take place, we can become discouraged and want to flee from whatever is causing them. What a surrendered life to God can experience is consolation through these difficult experiences and the understanding there is something better for you on the other side of them.

  1. You have tremendous hope.

Surrendering your life to the Lord means He is guiding everything. He is taking care of everything. You are only in charge of how you respond to life and those in it, and how much you love. With God at the helm of your ship, you know there is nothing to fear about the past, present, or future. He is moving in your life and has prepared or will prepare you for everything you are facing or will ever face.

  1. You find purpose in your life.

A surrendered life is filled with the Holy Spirit. He leads you to your purpose. He helps you remove the things in the way of living out your purpose. This purpose will include everyone’s greater duty to love others, but God will also lead you to find the specific purpose for your own life.

  1. You find beauty in every moment and emotion, both good and bad.

Your experience of life is filled with deep beauty. You will notice the good things more. You will see God in it all. He will fill you in times of mourning and gladness. Yes, there will still be difficulties, but mysteriously, you will also find beauty in these.

  1. You respond better to crises.

You will not be thrown off as easily. When the many crises of life take place, you will have enough experience of a God who comes through for you to know He will continue to do so. You will know God will never let you down or leave you disappointed. This will help you to see when things look like they are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.

It's good to remember these qualities might not start right away with your act of surrender. Each will It’s good to remember these qualities might not start right away with your act of surrender. Each will develop over time and will become known as you grow in your spiritual life.

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