Prayer Hacks: 5 Ways to Make Prayer Easier

Prayer Hacks: 5 Ways to Make Prayer Easier

Prayer can be tricky. Especially when you are first starting, it can take a lot of energy and motivation to get yourself to turn your heart to God to connect with Him. Even after establishing a solid prayer routine, stepping away from your busy day can still be challenging to spend some time praying with the Lord. However, prayer time does get better, and the fruits of prayer are tremendous! We need to keep pushing ourselves to show up for God, and it will get better and easier to pray.

We see a similar progression with working out. Day one of going to the gym is infinitely more challenging than day 45. I have often wondered at the difference. In the beginning of many resolutions to exercise more, I remember forcing myself to drive to the gym, lift weights at home, or even run the streets outside my house, loathing the experience. Fast forward one week, and I found myself excited to exercise! The experience was filled with endorphins, and my body yearned for the refreshing soreness after working out.

So too, do we begin to long for prayer after praying for the right amount of time. It might take a while and is different for others, but when we hit that sweet spot in our prayer life, we instantly understand how it was all worth it and that there is nothing better! Unfortunately, we do not always get a taste of this at the beginning. Instead, we must push through to taste the sweetness of the fruit of prayer.

For some, it may take days, others, weeks or months, and some might have to work years before they taste it. The good news is that I have five great prayer hacks to help ease you into a good prayer routine or continue through a dry period of your prayer life. These five methods of praying are 100% helpful in leading you to connect with the Lord and do not cheat you out of a proper relationship with Him.

These tips merely assist us in approaching God. They can help us fill the space of prayer time when we might not know what to do, or we need a push to move us from activity and exterior stimulation to a place of spiritual rest and interior reflection. Look below and decide which ones are most beneficial to you! I will explain each one to understand better how you can use it to uplift your prayer life.

  1. Listen to Worship Music

This is one of my favorite ways to pray. Worship music has all the words you want to say to God packaged in a lovely melody that is enjoyable to sing! Singing along to the music is a beautiful way to pray. It makes prayer more of an easier activity for those who like to do more than sit still.

You can choose from a vast array of genres, music groups, and themes of song to proclaim your heart to the Lord and make the connection with Him that prayer brings about. Playing an instrument or coming up with your own music is a way to connect even more deeply.

2. Do a simple activity while you pray

You can occupy your hands with a simple activity while you pray for those who might feel restless sitting still. This includes knitting, washing the dishes, driving, playing golf, working out, going for a walk, or anything really that allows you to keep God in mind while you do it. Yes, sitting still in total focus on the Lord is amazing, but for those who need help with restlessness, this is an option to help you spend time with God in prayer. You can still grow closer to Him even though your hands are busy, just like you would still grow closer to a friend while doing such activities.

3. Sit with Jesus and think about Him

This method helps you give God your full attention without worrying about what to say. Recall that God is with you and think about His presence. He is closer to you than the air you breathe.

Think about Him right next to you. You can think about how He has been there for you. You can think about all the amazing things He has created and how complex His creation is. I sometimes think about how amazing the human body is, with all its systems and intricacies, and it draws me to God.

Keep God in mind while you sit in silence, and you will find yourself in a deep beautiful prayer that draws you closer to Him.

4. Read the Psalms

Within the Psalms, we have beautiful prayers that communicate every emotion experienced by the human heart. Even though these prayers were written before the coming of Jesus, they contain perfect examples of how to pray to our Father in heaven.

This will begin to shape your mind and heart to understand better Who God is, how He acts, and how He speaks. Reading the words of the Psalms daily will drive these understandings deep into our spirits, and we will begin to see the world in a new way.

Essentially, with the Psalms, you have pre-written prayers that beautifully convey the reality of the human relationship with God that you can participate in. What’s more, you are participating in what they describe by saying these words.

5. Imagine you witnessed Biblical events

This wonderful exercise allows you to dive deeper into the stories of the Bible and reflect on the realities they convey. Furthermore, it makes it easier to understand the stories if one can visualize them. By placing yourself in the story, you get more out of the messages it holds.

Imagining that you were there to witness certain events of the Bible is also entertaining enough to hold one’s focus more than if they were just reading the story. It forces you to consider everything going on as you imagine specific details that you may otherwise not think of. It also makes the stories more human and natural.

Try one or all these methods to move forward in your prayer life today. Each one will make praying easier and motivate you to give prayer the time needed for progress in your prayer life. If it helps, set up a schedule that helps you know when you plan to practice one or more of these each week.

While it is good to try your best, the goal is not to do each of these perfectly. The purpose of prayer is friendship with God. Keep seeking Him, and you will see good things come from this. If you mess up and fall in your efforts, keep fighting. Losing is okay if you hate the fall and love the fight.

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