Don’t Call Dead What’s Only Sleeping

Part of my daily prayer routine is that I open up the Bible at random and read the few passages that I see. I truly pick it up and open it without any attempt at seeing a specific passage at whatever place I might know where the passage is. I simply pick up and read.

It can be shocking then when I go several days in row opening to and reading the same passage. Some might say it’s chance, others might say I am doing it on purpose; however, I know the reality of what is going on. God is my teacher and He has power in my life. There are certain themes He wants to make sure that I do not miss.

For instance, I cannot tell you how often I have opened the Bible to the exact middle point between the Old Testament and New Testament. And before someone claims that there must be a crease in the Bible I use, it has happened many times with several different Bibles that we have around the house. The message I get from this is that I am in the midst of a change, entering into a new phase of my life. I believe that God is preparing me for a new chapter. Maybe it has something to do with me reaching 40 in a couple of years or maybe it is something else. I am sure though that God is moving in my life and something is coming.

Recently, I have also have been opening a book I have that just contains the Gospels. In this book, I have found myself opening several times to Matthew 9:18-26. These verses contain a well-known passage about the official whose daughter has just died and he goes to Jesus for help. Along the way to the house of the official, a suffering woman is healed by Jesus after touching Him, but it’s really what Jesus says to the people at the official’s house that has always stood out to me.

When Jesus arrives at the house, it is filled with professional mourners, a practice at this time in history to ensure everyone knows the deceased person was loved. There were family members mourning as well, I am sure, and they were all making a commotion to which Jesus responds, “Go away! The girl is not dead but sleeping.”

The people laugh at Jesus, but He’s serious. He is so serious that He walks out of the room with the little girl who is alive. Essentially, we witness the power of God who has raised this little girl from the dead.

What struck me the most about the whole passage were Jesus’ words, “The girl is not dead but sleeping”. While reflecting on this phrase, I heard Jesus tell me, “Don’t call dead what’s only sleeping”. I then went on to open the Bible to this passage several more times in the following weeks. With each opening, I would remember not to call dead what is only sleeping and I saw in this a promise that Jesus would come through for me in my life on something that I was starting to call dead.

Now, I was not outwardly saying this. In fact, I would have thought that I was still believing in what I thought God would do in my life; however, if I am honest with myself, slowly my hope was being chipped away.

When I started Zenith, my desire was to see people physically healed by God through prayer. This desire was not based on empty ideas from a lofty imagination, but real life experience. I have prayed for people with back aches, pain in their ears, tooth aches, and more, and watched them be healed instantly through prayer.

I have also been involved with other ministries run by people who have witnessed many more miraculous healings. Seeing what God has done through them only increases my desire to see more healing take place through Zenith. I want to see God move in people’s lives to bring about healing not only to see God’s power over our physical world, but also to alter peoples’ lives by leading them to a deeper relationship with Him, which is often the effect of such powerful healings.

While I have seen such things in my life, the first of which was my own healing from a fever I had in Mexico while on a mission trip that left me instantaneously after I blessed myself with water from the holy site of Lourdes, France, it has seemed that of late those I pray for do not receive physical healing.

Don’t get me wrong; I see God bring about deep inner healing all the time through praying with people during our Zenith mentorship sessions. God has allowed people to receive new insight and understanding about traumatic, terrible experiences right before my eyes, and this is powerful. It is truly better than I could have ever hoped for, and I don’t mean to be spoiled, but I still have a desire to see more physical healing taking place. However, for the past 2 years, for those I have prayed to receive physical healing, like the removal of pain, the healing of injuries, the curing of illnesses, and other health issues, it seems like nothing has been happening.

Something that I have kept in mind is that the true goal of praying for physical healing, or any healing really, is that the person prayed for walks away feeling loved by God. This is truly almost always what I have seen occur through praying for others, so for this I am grateful.

Still, I see that God is telling me something through the story of the official’s daughter. This dream I have of seeing people healed of their physical ailments, a dream that was being fulfilled for a little while right before I started Zenith and for a short time at the beginning of the ministry, is not dead. This dream is not dead, but it is only sleeping. I will see more people healed soon.

I share this with you because I believe that this may be true for you as well. Is there a dream that you have as well that you have been calling dead, but Jesus is saying that it is only sleeping? Are you declaring something to be over that God still has a plan for?

I invite you to pray about this today. Ask God about a specific dream that you have had that you have thought was never going to happen. I can’t promise you that everything you want will come about, but it is also true that there are desires that we have, for things that God does not give us right away, that He will fulfill in the future. He has His purposes for delaying them, and we must trust that He sees things as they really are, not how they appear to us. Your dream might still be a possibility as I believe mine is.

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