Five Practical Reasons Why it’s Helpful to Read the Bible Often

Did you know the Bible is the only book in existence written over a span of multiple centuries by humans that were given their written word by God Himself? It is also the only multigenerational story of the human family to span the timeframe from Adam and Eve to the times of Jesus and the early Church.

However, the Bible is more than just a good story. In reading the Bible, we come in contact with the very Words of God to find the peace and joy He longs to give us. In fact, God wants us to experience this peace and joy every day. And if that’s not enough for you, here are five more reasons why it’s helpful to read the Bible every day.

1. It tells us who we are.

Through the Sacred Word, we discover we are made in God’s Image (Gen 1:27), that we are His children (1 John 3:1), that we are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) and more. Throughout the many teachings and writings, we can learn about what God created us to be.
Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for us to read the Bible so that we can remember these important truths. In case we get off track, and we can be reminded of all that is good. Furthermore, we can be deeply rooted in our identity in God even more if we continually reflect on who we are as communicated in scripture.

2. It tells us where we came from.

No book relays our origins better than the Bible. It reminds we were created by God, and then takes us through the history of our spiritual ancestors. It also conveys the truth of how we fell from grace to gain lust, making it easier for us to sin, and how Jesus died for us to provide that grace, helping us to live our best lives and overcome that lust.

As humans, we need to be reminded of these truths. We need to remember that we need God’s help and that He will give it to us if we ask for it. Countless times throughout the Bible we are told of where we came from and shown why we are the way we are. We need to read the Bible so that this proper understanding of humanity sinks in and directs us on how to deal with our faults.

3. It tells us where we are going.

Through Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, we can go to heaven. We were made for something greater than what we are born with, or realistically, born without. We know from the Bible God created us, and we lost sanctifying grace from Adam and Eve’s disobedience (Gen 3), and we are now born without that grace that God originally intended for us. However, through Jesus we can gain that life of grace back.

We cannot go to heaven without grace. We are able to better see this through scripture (John 3:16) and learn more about to get there, both in life and death. After all, as C.S. Lewis beautifully illustrates in The Great Divorce, heaven is just a continuation of our lives on earth.

4. It tells us how to respond to difficulties.

So many stories in the Bible involve humans experiencing harsh events comparable to our own struggles. In comparing our situations to those in the Bible, we learn to imitate the heroes of scripture to handle our own problems. Not everyone in the Bible responds correctly, but we can keep this in mind to learn what not to do as well.

When we read the Bible, we can see how many figures take their problems to God and interact with Him while they struggle. It seems like many of the Psalms are beautiful lessons on how to petition the Lord when experiencing difficulties. It teaches us that we too can depend on the Lord during hard times and how we can speak to Him as we expose our hearts to Him.

5. It tells us how to grow closer to God.

Moses was the only prophet known to speak with God face to face. Elijah was able to perform miracles at God’s command. St. Paul was able to grow to incredible holiness after his conversion. Jesus, through His prayers and sacrifice, shows us the fullest ways of deepening our relationship with God. These and so many others grew closer to God through prayer and living faith-filled lives, trusting in God to lead them.

The Bible is filled with amazing stories of men and women who grew closer to the Lord. We can read these stories to discover how we are able do the same. By imitating the trust, faith, hope, and the love we find emulated in the Bible, we will only discover more God’s life in us and see His reflection in the world around us.

These are just five, but there are many more beautiful benefits we can receive from reading the Bible. We would love to hear about how scripture has helped you! Drop us a comment or an email to let us know!

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