Five Things That Improve After You Give Your Life To The Lord

One of our taglines at Zenith Ministries is “mountains can be moved.” This is an understanding of the reality that God is doing big things in our lifetime to bring healing and help to people and lead them to the joy of living in a relationship with Him. I understand the news is not reporting on the Appalachian mountain range being raised and moved to Texas. However, I still think we can comprehend that Jesus is moving mountains.

The majority of mountains I have seen God move in my life have been carried within me. The mountain of addiction that I struggled with for years tops my list. However, there are several other changes I have gone through for the better that I have witnessed the Lord bring about since I gave my life to Him.

I have seen similar mountains moved for others, which is enough for me to know that God wants to bring about changes for everyone who gives their life to Him. If you are in a place where you want to give more to the Lord but are worried about what you will lose if you do (I have been there too!), these five things are real, and I hope they help you realize we get more when we give more to God.

  1. You no longer yearn for the past good old days.

I used to sit and recollect in agony over past good memories from my youth. I would think about the good spot I was in the year or years prior, insisting that life would never be that good again. After partnering with the Lord, I have seen Him bring so much good out of the highs and lows of life to realize that there is always a reason to hope for the future.

This also causes me never to want to go backward. I smile, recollecting memories, but I never want to relive them as I see the future as an amazing road I get to walk down with God to live the glorious life He envisioned for me. I also enjoy the present moment more than ever as I have come to see that I am never without God and can always sit with Him.

  1. You celebrate your weaknesses.

We, as a species, have grown too uncomfortable with weaknesses. We consider them illnesses that ruin someone’s whole identity instead of the reality that they are just one small aspect of a person. However, once you give your life to God, He will open your eyes to see what He can do with you despite your weaknesses, as well as what He can do precisely because of them.

In this, you will begin to celebrate your weaknesses. You will see how much more God can do and how great He truly is. Furthermore, it will allow you to trust in Him more, which is far more powerful than we may realize.

  1. You see the good in people.

When you give your life to God, He moves the mountains within you to transform you. A big mountain that many of us have is the inability to overlook the negative aspects of people. God will help you to see the good in them. You will even begin to love those whom you thought were unlovable.

You will begin to see and sometimes feel God’s love for others. You will recognize the brokenness in people and see how each of us still fits into God’s family and plan despite this brokenness. Keep in mind that this is not excusing the misdeeds of others, but it is a deeper understanding of them that is needed to love others properly.

  1. You have tremendous hope.

As I mentioned, when you give your life to God, you begin to see Him move radically. You might feel like you do not have any evidence for choosing to give your life to Him, but He will still prove you right once you do. Furthermore, God will blow winds of hope into your sail to inspire you when you pray so that you can charge ahead at the burdens you carry and the obstacles you face.

This supernatural hope is more than being happy-go-lucky and assuming everything will work out. It is a deep beautiful knowledge that God is with you making your life beautiful. It’s better than thinking that all your plans will succeed. It is grasping the incredible truth that you will have peace, joy, and God no matter how your plans end up.

  1. You see God every day.

Jesus says that the pure in heart will see God, and giving your life to Him is being pure in heart. This does not mean that Jesus appears to you daily over morning coffee, but you still see God in other ways. You see God deeply with your soul as you go about your day. It is not always a seeing with the eyes but a knowing with the heart that God is leading you.

However, you also see signs of God everywhere. Like being unable to see the wind but still recognizing it is there keeping a kite afloat, we can see God through the beautiful things He is doing. Furthermore, when we exercise the faith to give our lives to the Lord, our faith strengthens, and He helps us see Him even more.

Honestly, there is more that the Lord does for the souls of those who give of themselves to Him. These five things are just a taste. If you know of mountains that the Lord has moved for you or others, we would love to hear about them! Please send your story to info@zenithministries.com or comment below.

Furthermore, if you want to move mountains in your life and would like some assistance, we can help! Consider signing up for our one-on-one mentorship. We would love to assist you! You can find out more at www.zenithministries.com/mentorship or contact info@zenithministries.com or 404-333-8978.

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