Five Things to Remember When Losing Peace

The peace we seek – the inner rest we long for as we go about our lives – is freely given to us by God. We do not need to earn it, nor do we work for it. By His own generous initiative, He bestows this peace upon us. We just need to be receptive to it.

This is where our part comes in. Just as in the parable Jesus tells in Matthew 13 about the sower and the seed: if God’s seeds of peace fall on rocky ground, or a hardened heart, they will not spread their roots and blossom into the harvest that we hope for. For this reason, we need to prepare the soil of our hearts to receive the seeds of God’s peace so they may grow and blossom in our lives.

There are basic tools to help cultivate one’s heart to receive this gift, such as prayer, staying in the state of grace, and seeking to love others. However, another important element to better receiving this peace is to become more aware of what God wants for us.

To assist with growing in awareness, I have come up with seven solid pieces of wisdom for you when you feel like you’re losing sight of the peace God wants for you.

  1. Whether they are good times or bad times, these are God’s times.

This is the perfect reminder that God oversees everything. We are also reminded in scripture God brings good out of all things for those who love Him. Even if you are having a rough time, God is in your midst bringing good out of it.

God is in every moment. Whether you’re enjoying the moment or not, He is coming through for you in it giving you everything you long for. The trick is for us to be open to Him for us to grasp this reality. Let God into your life and He will transform your good times and bad times. You will ultimately find freedom and peace regardless.

  1. You can’t wreck your life.

Obviously, some decisions may seem to wreck your life, but if you are truly seeking Jesus with all your heart, than these things won’t be a problem. Many people struggle with making decisions because they don’t want to mess up God’s plan for their lives. Or they are afraid somehow they will miss out on “the one” they are meant to be with if they make a certain decision.

Well, the truth is that it’s impossible to mess up God’s plan for you if you are honestly seeking to please Him. God is constantly working in our lives, even if we don’t see it, and somehow brings everything together as it needs to be. If our deepest hope is happiness, God will bring you happiness if you seek it from Him.

  1. Do not be afraid – Jesus already won.

It can be easy to get bogged down by evil things in our world. It can be scary or cause anxiety when we think about how these things can impact us and our families. The good news is that Jesus already won. He has all power over everything and will not let you be overcome if you are truly seeking Him. Our only job is to love God and others and do whatever that entails.

We truly do not want the bad things that happen as a result to these choices, but as Christians we need to play the long game. Bad things are going to happen on Earth, but it will work out in the end. All of those who choose Jesus will get to have Him.

  1. Everything that happens in your life is for you.

St. Therese of Lisieux said, “everything is grace.” This means everything leads us to God. God has made every person’s life in such a way that everything that happens to them is meant to help us grow closer to God.

This is not just a nice way to see life in a more positive light. God either allows things or does not allow things in your life so that you can either be helped to or unhindered from Heaven.

  1. Don’t worry about seeking perfection – seek Jesus and He will lead you to

Some people can get overwhelmed with making sure they behave perfectly in order to please God. It’s important to keep in mind you already matter to God and He loves you unconditionally. Good behavior will come along in your relationship with Jesus, but I would say focusing on knowing Jesus is what you want to seek with all your heart.

Furthermore, by having a deep relationship with Christ you will discover He helps you to be perfect. Jesus strengthens you, helps you work through your pain, leads you to make the right choices, and He satisfies what you truly crave.

If you’re trying and keep falling, don’t depend on yourself so much. Put it all on Jesus and watch Him come through for you. Take it from a guy who stopped a lifestyle of daily drugs and alcohol in one day. Jesus will take care of you.

We would love to hear about any words of wisdom you might think about when you are losing your peace. What helps you remember that God is in control in your life? Leave a comment below or send it in an email to emailzenithministries@gmail.com!

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