How to Give Up Control and Give It to God in Your Life

Do you have something in your life that you care about and feel overwhelmed by the need to make it work out or end up with certain results? Often, people can put too much pressure on themselves to meet certain standards, achieve certain desired results, or even have things in their lives look a certain way. It can be a lot of pressure that causes stress, heartache, and even physical illness. God has a better way of handling these things.

In trying to handle my life filled with things I care greatly about, I have caught myself striving and attempting to control. I have put some of these things on my own shoulders, foolishly thinking I was the one who would bring good results if I just tried hard enough. God has been intervening, teaching me that I do not need to live like this.

God is with me. This is a big message that God has been reminding me of for the past several months. For a while, I was only consoled by this message, as I thought God was merely trying to comfort me. However, while attending the most recent Zenith Summit event, it dawned on me that God was actually doing something more than consoling me. He was giving me direction.

“I am with you, Thomas,” He whispered to me in my heart to let me know that He could handle the battles in my life. He was not telling me that He was with me to give me a hug and make me feel better. He told me I didn’t need to worry about things because He was with me to help with them.

I realized that I had been striving with my own strength, at times trying to make things happen. Yes, I need to show up and do specific tasks, but I still need to entrust everything to God, believe that He is the one truly in control, and bring about not just what I think would be good but what will truly be the best for me and those I love.

God will help me fight my battles. He is working in places I cannot see or even know about. He is at work behind the scenes, influencing, inspiring, moving, and growing. I only glimpsed a small aspect of His power when He moved in me to overcome all of my addictions. Why would I not believe that He could bring victory for me in other areas of my life?

Now, I should not be too hard on myself here. For I have sincerely surrendered my life to the Lord. If I had truly held back control over everything, I would not be able to see the healing that He does in my ministry work or have much success in raising my children. He truly has shown up tremendously in the latter.

But God has reminded me, “I am with you, Thomas”. He is here to move and guide and ensure that what needs to occur will take place. I need to let go and let God. While I quickly give up control in my life with many things, there are temptations to control some things that I care greatly about.

The task is to give up control of my life and surrender my worries to God. How do I do this? The answer to this question came while I was praying with someone else in a Mentorship meeting. In responding to their question of how to surrender things in their life they struggled to give up control over, God has answered mine. The answer is not entirely straightforward, but it simplifies the problem and gives us a direction to overcome it.

If you are also struggling with giving up control over something in your life, here are four steps you can take to effectively entrust it to God.

1.  Realize that you have not had as much control over it as you thought.

Everything good comes from God. He either makes the good happen or allows the bad to occur to bring good out of it. This means that nothing takes place without Him. He has known about you and the thing that you are trying to control for centuries. He is truly the One who has made it possible and guided it until now.

2. Understand that Jesus can take better care of this thing than you can.

Jesus loves you and knows you better than you love and know yourself. This thing you want to control is in better hands with Him, who will bring the best out of it. What is best for you will come from it through His hands.

3. Identify all of your desires and hand them over to God.

Jesus wants your permission to take the things you desire and bring what is best for you through them. He will never take away your free will, so you must choose Him freely. By identifying your desires, you bring an understanding of what you truly want to your mind. This creates a beautiful, humble vulnerability when you hand these desires to Jesus. It is this vulnerability that He truly desires in your relationship with Him, and it will bear incredible fruit.

4. Keep your eyes and heart open to see how God acts.

Be sure that Jesus might not take things in a direction that you expect. His ways are above our ways and His thoughts are above our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8,9). Be open to what He is doing and trust that He will not disappoint you in the end. This can be scary, but stay close to God in prayer through this and He will guide you.

I am implementing these steps myself, and I hope you will also begin. As I said earlier, we still need to show up and do what God calls us to do. However, in our hearts, we can remain detached and let Jesus worry about the fruits of our efforts. We are merely sowing the seeds. God is ensuring their growth and the fruit that they bring forth.

If you are looking for assistance with giving up control in your life, we can help. Learn more about our mentorship program here.

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