How to Rejoice in Your Flaws and Weaknesses

I used to hyper-fixate on my flaws and inflate my weaknesses in my mind to the point that my strengths and positive traits could never be enough to make up for them. I believed that these negative aspects of my existence were too great and their mere presence in me dragged my value down to almost nothing.

Through the transformation of my mind brought on by the grace and mercy of God, which came about through my “yes” to Him, I have since discovered the absolute beauty and wonder of my flaws and weaknesses. Instead of seeing them as limitations blocking me from an ideal, perfect life, or as walls keeping me from happiness, I have learned that they are actually avenues by which I can arrive at true, lasting, and satisfying happiness.

This path to satisfying happiness through encountering my flaws and weaknesses might seem illogical, much like Superman finding happiness by way of coming into contact with kryptonite. However, for us, who are always in contact with our flaws and weaknesses, this is not only possible, but necessary for us to live the life of peace and joy that we are meant for.

If you are seeking to be able to rejoice in your flaws and weaknesses and not merely put up with them, I have 5 things to keep in mind so that you view your flaws and weaknesses correctly. These are more than saying, “it could be worse” or “look on the bright side”. These reminders will put you in touch with what is actually happening in reality. Make sure to re-read these points, even focusing on one at a time each day to ensure that you take them to heart and successfully live out what they are teaching.

  1. God brings good from them in a way that should make you thankful for them. If you learn how to see your life spiritually and more deeply,  God will amaze you by how much good He brings out of your flaws and weaknesses. Another name for this is His Divine Providence with which He guides us and assists us to grow closer to Him and grow more into who we are created to become. In other words, He uses your flaws and weaknesses to help you be happy.

  1. God is glorified by them. In relation to the first point, you understand how amazing God is through His ability to work beyond your inabilities and defects. You are able to grasp completely what it means when Jesus tells St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” So too when we are weak and imperfect, God’s strength and perfection is made known.

  1. They remind you of the reality that you need God, which is really good. Essentially, your flaws and weaknesses keep you humble. If you do not have any of these things, you would be in danger of growing overly fond of yourself and thinking that you do not need God in your life. This would be tragic as a life lived without dependence upon God would truly be less than satisfactory as you would not get to know the utter wonder and beauty found in a life lived with complete dependence upon God. Therefore, being reminded that you are not perfect and need God’s help is necessary.

  1. They help you to be more forgiving of others. When you encounter the flaws and weaknesses of others, you are less likely to judge them and think less of them if you keep in mind your own. G.K. Chesterton has a very helpful quote in this regard, which states, “We are all in the same boat, and we are all seasick”. It is good to be reminded of this so that we do not look down on others and to both help us better love them for their good and to experience a life free of the bitterness that comes with that mindset.
  1. Focus on your strengths. This is not a way to overlook the negative to pretend it doesn’t exist. You are simply recognizing that you are imperfect, not giving all your energy to that fact, and working on the good you do have and what you do well. It is simply an act of surrender. Yes, you have these flaws and underperform in these areas. If you can fix these and work on these, then great, do that. However, if they are out of your control, then keep in mind the first four points listed and work on the good qualities that you already have and can make better.

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Sometimes in life, we can develop certain behaviors, mindsets, or misconceptions that can actually hinder our experience of our faith and life. These can become like locked doors that keep us from experiencing the peace, joy, and beauty that we are meant for. 

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