Inspiring Quotes From the World Series Champions

The Atlanta Braves just won the World Series for the first time since 1995! As a Braves fan, this is super exciting as I was only 10 years old last time.

I love baseball. It’s fun and goes along so well with life. The countless analogies found in baseball that allow you to reflect more deeply are inspiring and insightful.

The athletes at times have been known to offer solid wisdom to point us all in the right direction. It’s almost like by making this game their life’s work, they can afford the time to think more deeply and philosophically.

Even if there is no correlation, I do think that the following quotes by some of the players on the Championship team are gems in and of themselves. If you heard any others you’d like to share, please let us know!

1. “…at the time I didn’t understand it, but God’s always got a plan, and if I have learned one thing it’s having faith in that plan will never fail you.” – Dansby Swanson, Shortstop

After winning game four of the World Series, Dansby, who hit a home run to help win the game, remarked on how he was initially confused after being traded to the Braves. In 2015, he was the first overall draft pick. That is a huge deal for such a young player, and so it was quite baffling to him to be traded just six months later.

After saying the words above, Dansby goes on to share how God had blessed him through the confusing event of his trade. He didn’t necessarily want it at first, but He grew to understand how God was at work in this. Due to this trade, Swanson was able to be closer to family, meet his current girlfriend, and of course, go on to win the World Series.

2.“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9, shared by Dylan Lee, Pitcher

The new pitcher, Dylan Lee, posted this on his Twitter account on October 30 before his first ever major league baseball game. What makes this more amazing is that his first ever start was at the World Series, making baseball history.

Dylan did not come in and stomp out the opposition, nor did he finish his first inning, but he did strike out one batter, and I’d say put up a good fight. If he had more experience pitching against professional baseball players, especially the powerhouse hitters of the Houston Astros, I imagine things would’ve turned out differently.

3.“Everything I do, I make sure I do it for .” – Freddie Freeman, First Baseman

Freddie Freeman has become a staple of the Atlanta Braves these past 10 years. He got his start with the Braves AA minor league team, the Mississippi Braves where he was well known as the hottest prospect for the future of the Braves. He shared this quote during that time. He then goes on to share how his faith is what guides and protects him against the temptations that come with being a professional baseball player.

4. “The peace that gives me is just remarkable and you can’t go wrong trusting in that.” – Dansby Swanson, Shortstop

Another great quote from Dansby. This one was right after he was asked about his feelings after winning it all in game six of the World Series.

A beautiful testimony that peace is possible with God. The best part is that this peace is for everyone whether you play baseball or just watch it on TV like me. What this quote shows us is the following: God is pouring out His peace right now, we have access to it, and we can trust in Him to lead us to what we are meant for.

5.“Spend time with God. Legitimately spend time in the words that He wrote through people that were on this earth. Spend time in prayer and meditation and silence. Do these things to grow near to Him.” – Dansby again!

Okay, we have discovered that Dansby has tremendous faith! This quote came out of a 2019 interview he gave on his mental health issues he struggled with at the time. He met with mental health coaches, pastors, and even talked it over with his girlfriend to better himself through these struggles.

This quote is part of his success plan. He tells us that “you can’t go wrong trusting and growing closer to God.” He credits the Lord with getting him through that difficult time and helping discover more of who he is and is meant to be. I pray everyone can find what Dansby has and am thankful he shared great advice to follow in his footsteps.

I found all these quotes to be super inspiring and encouraging. They are a beautiful reminder that God is accompanying and leading people of all walks of life. I am thankful to these World Series Champs for their witness and reminder to trust in God in all circumstances.

I am not saying that doing so will always feel as good as winning the World Series, but it all still help you to be a champion. Bottom line, we always win with God, whether it looks that way or not.

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