One on One Mentoring

We are seeing amazing growth and healing take place for those in our One on One Mentorship!

Meet one on one for a regularly scheduled 45 minute session to receive guidance, prayerful insight, inner healing, and more.

Specialty Topics:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Marriage
  • Family Life
  • Growing in your Faith

Reviews from Satisfied Participants:

"I have received more from meeting with you in 10 weeks then I have with other counseling in 5 years!"

“I love this better than all the other counseling we’ve done and we have been through years and years of counseling.”

"I would say for a new person searching for something, needs help, and someone to talk to then this is a great way to unify their faith with the help they need. It’s a great way to talk things out while also giving yourself structure rooted in scripture. Not only is Thomas a great person to communicate with about your issues, it’s also very evident that he takes this seriously and uses his strong academic background to clarify things for you. I’m glad I sought his guidance & assistance and I hope you do too.”

“It’s a fun, judgment-free zone where you feel listened to, respected and appreciated. Thomas genuinely wants to connect with you, understand you, and help as best he can. He sees the real you through the pain and suffering, and that’s who he establishes the connection with from the start.”

If you have any questions, please reach out at or 404-333-8978.

To book a free one hour consultation use the link below: