Prayer Requests

Please submit all prayer requests below and feel free to offer prayers for any of the requests already listed. We at Zenith Ministries pray for each of these every day.

  • For my family member who is terminally sick with cancer and his family (Anonymous)
  • For my friend’s and my general good health (Anonymous)
  • Personal intentions (Anonymous)
  • For my boyfriend’s Grandpa who is in home care and close to kidney failure. (Anonymous)
  • For a woman who is severely struggling with drug addiction and for her baby. (Anonymous)
  • For my mom who fell down and broke her hip. (Juan Carlos)
  • For friends who are always providing me support in life through the constant challenges I face. (Juan Carlos)
  • For the grace to open wide the doors to Christ, to receive Him totally, and to follow Him faithfully. (Noe R.)
  • A Personal Intention. (Holly L.)
  • That all who are affected by anxiety, depression, addiction, and all other mental afflictions may find peace and healing in the love and mercy of God. (Noe R.)
  • For the success of the Soul Fitness group and all the work they undertake. (Stephen B.)
  • For a GIGANTIC GIVING HEART for God and others. (Jeannie B.)
  • For all who are struggling with addiction. (Jo B.)