The Beauty of Healing is for Everyone

God is pouring out tremendous healing in our times. I am one of many, many people who have received this outpouring from the Lord. With the way things seem to be going, He is only going to do more! This means that the best is yet to come for humanity.

I have gone through tremendous inner healing since my days of partying. This healing has assisted me in growing into my true self: fully alive, which has truly been amazing! It has been such a gift to work with others to help them find healing as well. In helping me walk away from my hedonist lifestyle and subsequently binding up the wounds leading me to seek out that lifestyle, the Lord gave me my life back, and He wants to do the same for others!

Unfortunately, there are many going through similar experiences to mine, and are being robbed of the beautiful, full life that we are all meant to live. The good news is there is hope! If God can bring healing to me, then he can bring healing to anyone!

What is Inner Healing?

First, what do I mean by inner healing? It’s actually the same as the work that medical professionals do. However, the healing that I am speaking of is the work of Jesus, which He does for the deepest parts of the human spirit. His work of inner healing touches the very core of the person that has such a tremendous effect on the rest of the person.

To be more distinct, inner healing is the spiritual work of repair that God does to bring His patient back into agreement with who he or she truly is in His eyes. It is correcting the misconceptions we have of ourselves and healing the wounds that caused these misconceptions. Through His work of inner healing, God removes the lies and replaces them with the truth.

How Lies Seep into our Perception of our Identities

The most common way these lies seep in is through traumatic and painful experiences. Throughout life we experience events that have more of an impact than we might realize. These events can cause us to think we’re not good enough, we need to earn others’ love, and we’re only as good as our performances at work or school. Through our trauma, we can easily forget who we are and cling to lies that make it easy to deal with the hardship.

Head vs. Heart Belief

It gets trickier as we look at the difference between what someone believes with their head vs. what someone believes with their heart. If a certain idea is believed with the head, it is usually a logical conclusion that could be easily changed if it needs to be corrected. Heart belief cannot be changed with a logical explanation. In fact, someone can hear a perfectly logical explanation as to why their belief is wrong all day, and may not be able to change their deeply seated belief.

The fear and anger cause us to latch onto false identities and pick up toxic behaviors because of these false identities. These false identities can cause us to separate ourselves from our loving Father.

The Good News

The good news is that we have a loving Father who wants to have a relationship with us that is full of beauty, peace, and joy. He understands we need to know who we truly are in order to have this, but He cannot take away our free will, which is what causes suffering to begin with. Suffering causes us to confuse our identities, but this is where Jesus comes in.

Jesus came to transform our suffering and make it a tool of salvation. If we do not bring our suffering to the Lord it can cause more pain. So much better comes from bringing our suffering to the Lord.

This is why God allows the suffering to begin with. He knows the good He can bring out of our suffering is far greater than the good we enjoyed without the suffering. This is perfectly explained through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. God allows the suffering and death of Jesus, but through it He brings about our ability to have a beautiful relationship with Him and go to Heaven.

What is even better is, not only did Jesus do this long ago so that we can have His abundant life (John 10:10), but He also helps us today with receiving this life by leading us to correct the lies of who we think we are and give us the truth of who we really are! Jesus alone can convince your heart and help you to change your heart beliefs. This is why we need to turn to Jesus now more than ever.

Do you need Inner Healing?

It is not as uncommon as you may think. Many people are struggling with knowing who they really are and are stuck with the toxic behaviors that stem from this.

The beautiful thing is that God does not play favorites. He loves each of us and longs for each of us to receive this healing. He does not give this only to some and withhold it from others. The beauty of healing is for everyone. However, if you need it, will you accept what God wants to give you?

After writing this, I had an inner healing session with someone who had an amazing breakthrough! I won’t share any details other than what this person said after our session. “Wow! That was deep down, much deeper than I expected. I feel free from that!”

This person was so happy and excited upon leaving, I was amazed at what God had just done for them. I have had similar experiences with others as well. God is truly healing people in our times.

If you would like to experience inner healing, we can help. At Zenith Ministries, we have been running a successful one-on-one mentorship program where we offer inner healing and more to those who need it. Reach out today to see how we can help you overcome your struggles and enter the beautiful life you were meant for. You can email us at info@zenithministries.com or call/text at 404-333-8978. More info at www.zenithministries.com/mentorship.

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