One Of The Best Lessons You Can Ever Learn

For the past month and a half, I have had a lot of conversations with people about certain situations that have either happened or have not happened, that could have changed lives for the better. I too have fallen into this pattern of thought that if only I had made a particular decision or taken this one action, things would look different in a way that I would not have to worry as much. However, this is not the right way for me to look at my life, as it removes the extraordinary loving care of God that He demonstrates for me in His providence.

So, what is this providence we speak of? It’s God’s powerful hand guiding all of creation towards His beautiful design of life. This design includes our free will, which, when misused, can lead to many evils. But even in the face of these evils, we can see God’s providence at work, bringing good out of the bad.

The best example is how humans can now enjoy heavenly glory and communion with God through Jesus’ death on the cross. This is interesting because it seems like God did not simply make up for a human being’s lack of choosing good in the evil deed done, but instead God knew that the evil was going to happen and used it to do the greatest thing ever done.

I can now see the evils I participated in or experienced as avenues of God’s grace through which He has brought myself and others tremendous good. I think of my battle with addiction no more as a heavy cross to bear but as a resurrection story to inspire and empower others as they carry their own crosses to hopefully have similar resurrection stories.

This understanding shows that God’s providence is at work in every aspect of our lives. He is always moving, inspiring, or even allowing this or that to shape history into what He wants it to look like. What is impressive is that what God wants history to look like includes the freely made choices of humans who do not have His all-knowing wisdom.

All of this is a great reminder to keep in mind as you experience the many high and lows, enjoyments and disappointments of life. Especially during the low moments, you should remember that God is bringing what is best for you from what happened. It is the conversations I have been having as of late that I think of specifically while I type this.

All of these conversations encompass financial decisions or poor health experiences as key moments through which people have questioned God’s providential care. To think, “If only I bought that piece of property and held onto it for 10 years, I would have made so much money,” is not a sin, but it does call into question how God is running things.

Similarly, complaining about why God would allow someone to experience a rough bout of illness to the point that they are unable to function in their everyday life is a regular expression of disappointment. Still, it should genuinely be followed with a beautiful expression of gratitude.

Both of these situations, and other difficulties and disappointments in life, are not just challenges, but opportunities for growth and transformation. They are the best things that have ever happened to you, not just because God can bring you other good things in life through them, but because He teaches us the most important lesson ever through seemingly not providing for us. This understanding can empower you to face life’s challenges with courage and hope.

It can be easy to think, “God, why did this happen to me?” or “Why didn’t this happen to me?” But once you realize the answer to those questions, it will be easier to handle situations like the ones mentioned earlier. What, then, is the greatest lesson we could ever learn?

One of the most profound truths for you to know is that you can and must rely on God in all things. He is not a distant figure, but a loving and nurturing Father, always present and ready to guide you. This understanding can deepen your relationship with Him, fostering a sense of security and peace, no matter the circumstances in your life.

This is what I remember now when I experienced difficulties and disappointments. I remember God teaching me that I should not rely on my own strength and health. I remember that He is God, and I am not. He is all-powerful and will help, heal, guide, and bring good out of all things for me. And this is not meant to lead me to only focus on myself; this is intended to lead me to focus on Him. Through all of the ups and downs in my life, I find peace by looking at God and knowing His power and glory.

So, if you are wondering why you did not get that million-dollar business deal or why you caught that flu, flunked that test that you really tried hard to pass, had an accident, or even missed that flight, know that it could have been the best thing that has ever happened to you. Learning to rely on God is best for you and will do much more than any amount of money, tremendous health, amazing experiences, and other exciting things you desire.

The best part of learning to rely on God is that it ultimately leads us to heaven, but it also helps us as we encounter various things while on earth. This understanding gives us strength, peace, and joy despite our circumstances and truly helps us become invincible. Remember, then, when you catch yourself wondering why something you thought would be best for you does not happen, that you might have been given the better thing.

Furthermore, we do not need wait for disappointments to take place to start relying on God. You can begin right now. Start by telling God that you trust Him, that you want Him to participate in your life, and keep in mind the points made in this article to continue trusting Him, whatever takes place in your life.

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