There Is Always Hope, But We Need Supernatural Vision to See It

I remember the weight of my future suffocating me as I fell deeper and deeper into despair over the idea I would never amount to anything. At just 19, I thought I was finished. I thought there was no hope.

I had an incorrect vision of myself and my life. I believed in order to produce something for society, I needed to offer something of value. I thought if I did not reach certain levels of achievement at specific times set by society, I was not good enough and wouldn’t make it. Finally, my inability to quit drugs and alcohol caused sadness and anxiety, as it felt I would never be free from this plague.

I didn’t have supernatural vision. I couldn’t see that God could do what He actually has done over the past 15 years. I couldn’t see that with God all things are possible.

Supernatural vision is a way of seeing the world with God in mind. In truth, it is seeing the world as it really is. This vision is an understanding that things are not always how we reason them to be and, in truth, there is an invisible God at work who brings about visible, or sometimes experiential, results in our lives. Not that our relationship is all about God working for us, however having a relationship with God will have visible results.

To begin your journey toward supernatural vision, it’s important to hold the following three understandings about God and reality.

God is all powerful.
God is all knowing.
God loves you.

These three truths about God are powerful in understanding who God is and how He interacts with us.

Knowing that He is all powerful helps us to see He can create everything, including us and our families. He can accomplish all we read about in the Bible, the stories of the saints, and other miraculous events. Finally, we can understand that He is able to handle all our problems. Nothing can happen that He can’t help us with.

Remembering God is all knowing informs us we are never truly alone. Nothing can happen to us that He isn’t prepared for. He even knows us better than we know ourselves, so we don’t ever surprise Him.

Finally, knowing God loves you is a powerful truth because it highlights that you are not some distant drifter set apart. You belong to someone who loves you despite your shortcomings, despite your mistakes, and despite your weaknesses.

All these truths combined allow us to have a proper understanding of God, which leads to a proper understanding of reality and ultimately gives us incredible hope. Keeping in mind God is all powerful, all knowing, and He loves you has amazing consequences. For instance, if God is able to handle all of life’s problems, and knows how you will react to them and can grow from them, and He wants what is absolutely best for you, you can rest assured that nothing will happen in your life that will truly hurt you.

Will you always be comfortable? No, but you will always be secure. You will always be in God’s care so you will always be safe, and you will always have hope. Plus, His love ensures you will always be led through your difficulties whether these include addiction, physical pain, depression, anxiety, or other distresses, God will always help you.

Think about it. Jesus gave His life for you, He held nothing back. He went through something extremely difficult and painful so that you could have grace and enjoy a beautiful relationship with God. Why would He hold anything else back from you without a reason? And so, we understand that if God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and loves you then there is always reason to hope.

God is always working for you in the background. He is fighting for you even when you can’t sense it or understand it, and even when it seems like you are losing the battle. Think of the Israelites in the story of their exodus from Egypt. The Pharaoh said no to letting them go after nine plagues, which included miraculous events like the Nile River turning into blood, three days of darkness, invasions of frogs and locusts, and more.

However, in one night everything changed. In one night, they were not only set free, but were basically driven out of Egypt and given gold, livestock, and other treasures for their journey. Though, as little as three days prior, it might have been difficult for them to see their victory and have hope.

If we hold onto the three truths mentioned above and grow in our supernatural vision, we can see our victories before they happen. We can hold onto the hope that God gives us. We can overcome our worry and despair and rest in God’s peace.

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