Three Reasons To Choose the Zenith Ministries Mentorship Program

“He’s brought Calvin along really well” are the words of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan regarding his teammate Julio Jones’ mentorship to Calvin Ridley. The veteran Jones is further praised by Ryan as knowing the ins and outs of the game and the Falcons team systems. It has been noted that one of Jones’ key interests in playing football in the 2020 season was to help shape the younger wide receiver and help him grow as a professional football player.

There is no doubt that Ridley is already very talented, but we cannot deny the positive impact Julio Jones’ mentorship had on his career. Most of us can reflect on parents, teachers, coaches, and others who have taken an interest in helping shape our character, intellect, or skills. The positive effects of such a relationship can speak for themselves when one finds a good mentor.

I would say my golf swing is still fairly good today because my dad signed me up for lessons with an instructor at age 14. I had already known the basics from playing with my dad and grandfather growing up, but having a golf instructor helped make improvements and set me up for success, or realistically just protected me from utter embarrassment on the golf course.

I guess I can say that I had three golf mentors in my life. I am by no means a great golfer, but I do know my way around the course better due to these mentors. They each played a role in my understanding of the game and helped me in my playing it.

The lesson we can take from my story is no successful person is “self-made” as everyone gets help from somewhere on their path to success. One of the top pieces of advice that you hear from successful people is to make sure you find a mentor to learn from.

Why is it a good idea to have a mentor? A mentor has experience and know-how about navigating the specific course you hope to take. A mentor can offer you advice, warn you of pitfalls, and make sure that you have the knowledge to manage yourself both in tricky situations and in times of success.

When I first got into to writing blogs for various Catholic blogging sites, I was able to learn a lot from my writing and business mentor. He had been involved in that sphere for years and guided me towards writing better, coming up with topics, and provided tremendous insight and direction in blogging in the Catholic market. All of which I am truly grateful for.

Keeping all this in mind, Zenith Ministries has initiated our One-on-One Mentorship program to help lead Gen Z and Millennials to lead lives of authentic peace and fulfillment. Our hope is to help individuals discover more out of life through a strong relationship with God, have a better understanding of themselves, and find deeper connections with their loved ones. Essentially, live the abundant life God wants for each of us.

We are already hard at work in our mission and are pleased with our program’s results. If you or someone you love is struggling with the obstacles of life such as addiction, relationship problems, anxiety/depression, or simply just want more out of life, we recommend our program to you.

If you’re still unsure, here are three reasons why you should partner with us in this endeavor:

  1. We speak from experience.

Someone can go a lot farther in carrying out their aspirations when they find guidance from a person who has walked the same path before them. As the lead mentor and president, I speak from experience in these areas to help others navigate through the same struggles I have been through. I can help provide the same proven solutions that God helped me discover to lead others to hope and healing.

  1. We look to the future.

We do more than simply talk about your problems as we are able to look to the future with you to assist you with comprising a plan to help you succeed. Furthermore, we can help you begin to build good habits and fill your life with good activities and goals to lead a more fulfilling life. With a vision of success that we help create for you to work with, you can more easily understand what you need to succeed and how to get there.

  1. We provide an attentive ear and accountability.

More than just having the client listen to a lecture each session, our program is based on dialoguing, not monologuing. We find great importance in listening to what our clients think and want before we help them plan for a future of success. Furthermore, with our mentorship program, you will find it easier to adhere to our success plan because our weekly conversations will provide natural accountability.

At Zenith Ministries, your success, happiness, and fulfillment are our business. With our experience, proven solutions, and spiritual insight we hope to help lead many Gen Z and Millennials to the true happiness they were created for. If you or someone you know would like to start our program, please email us at emailzenithministries@gmail.com or call 470-253-0802.

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