Welcome to Our New Adventure!

Thank you for visiting! We at Zenith Ministries are partnering with God to help others find healing from the wounds they are receiving from the world today. We hope that you can come to know God and grow closer to Him so that you may experience the peace and joy and healing that we have experienced first hand..

God is close to you. He has been with you all of your life and still looks lovingly at you now. His great desire is for you to find rest from the frantic activity of your daily life that steals your peace and hope.

It is possible to feel so secure that you remain calm and happy throughout every trouble you face in your life. It is possible to feel so loved that the thoughts and judgements of others have no effect on you. It is possible to look back on your past without regret, without sadness, or shame, and to look toward your future with hope and excitement.

Please join us as we journey together seeking Jesus and His transformative Love. Whether it be through one of our podcasts, videos, classes, or other offerings, we pray that we are able to help you find what you have been looking for.



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