What Does Inner Healing Do?

To describe my work in offering our one on one mentorship meetings to those we serve, I often tell people that it is a mix between life coaching, spiritual direction, and inner healing. Life coaching and spiritual direction make sense in today’s world, but for those who still have not heard of inner healing, more explanation is needed. The concept of inner healing is easy to grasp; it is healing that happens within the heart, but what exactly does this mean? Also, what exactly does inner healing do?

To answer this question, let’s first look at why humans need inner healing. To cut straight to the heart of the matter, it all has to do with your identity. When people experience trauma or hurt in their lives, it can cause damage to their self-perception of who they are. They allow what has happened to them to define them, or they seek to define themselves in an incorrect way as a method to cope with that traumatic or hurtful event.

For example, say someone is teased a lot growing up for not doing well in school. As a response to this, that person could incorrectly perceive that their identity is that they are a dumb person, even if they have other skills or excel in other areas. They could also see themselves as bad, not as good as others, or even unworthy of others’ love or time.

For someone one who tries to cope with this hurtful event by seeking to define themselves incorrectly as a coping method, they might turn to an addiction like alcohol and assume that their identity is someone who drinks too much. They might even laugh this off and declare that it is just who they are. If you feel like this hits too close to home for you or someone you love, please know that I am also speaking from experience in my own life, as I too dealt with my own wounds through laughing at the alcoholic and drug addicted identity that I took upon myself.

So the goal of inner healing then is to help people realign with their true identities. This seems simple enough, so why can’t we just tell people what their true identities are and call it a day? This would definitely save a lot of time and make things easier; however, it is a little more difficult than that.

The issue is that there are different ways that a person can believe something about themselves. These can be distinguished as “head belief” versus “heart belief”. Just hearing the names of these two different ways that we believe things about ourselves, you might already be able to start determining what I mean.

With “head belief”, everything is logical. You believe something that makes sense, but if someone else is able to prove it wrong or show you another way to think about it, you would easily change your mind about it. For instance, if you had a certain way that you traveled to your work or school that you thought was the best way to go, and someone else showed you a way that was far quicker and easier, you would change your mind.

This is because you can see the logic behind it, and your attachment to this thought is not stronger than your desire to get to class or work more easily and faster. However, things are different with a “heart belief”. With these, no amount of logic or evidence can change your belief.

For some reason, the “heart beliefs” are too entrenched within us. Someone can hear all the arguments and see a lot of evidence for why he or she is not dumb and unlovable. However, if that is their “heart belief”, it is difficult for them to change their mind on it by just talking through it. This usually happens when you experience a trauma or hurt that causes you to incorrectly believe things about your identity that are not true.

The good news is though, that while it’s very difficult for humans to convince someone that their incorrect “heart belief” is false, it is easy for God. With God all things are possible, even healing the human heart, which is one of the largest mountains to move. This is the main task of the inner healing that I facilitate through our mentorship meetings. I simply help others hear from God so that He can correct those false “heart beliefs” that are misshaping their identities and realign themselves with who they truly are, the beloved sons and daughters of God.

Essentially what happens with this process is that we visit the memories that someone is comfortable revisiting and go through a prayer process where God helps that person to see that memory basically how God saw it. God helps them have a view from eternity, see the new aspects of good in it, and find real healing from it. This is not a way to belittle the events that hurt us or simply view them as insignificant. Truly they were impactful and should be treated as such. However, this process helps you to see the bigger reality of the memory and find the meaning of it. And truly there is meaning, even in the worst events of your life.

Finally, through this process, God will bring healing by helping the person uncover the lies that they were believing about themselves and discover the truth that they need to believe instead. It is truly a remarkable process, and I have been amazed to witness people finding God’s light in some very dark moments.

It is truly a beautiful thing to be a part of, and I am very grateful that I get to accompany them through it. Knowing my own past and sinfulness has allowed me to be more understanding of others and never have a reason to judge anything that is shared with me.

If this sounds like something you or someone you love would like to receive, please reach out! God is moving in our times and helping people overcome and heal from great difficulties. Please let us know how we can help you by contacting us at 404-333-8978 or info@zenithministries.com for a free consultation meeting. We would love to see how we can best accompany you. Even if our services are not the best match for your needs, we do interact with other organizations and may be able to help you find what God wants for you!

Inner healing is a great thing that I believe most people could really benefit from. I hope that if you have even a slight curiosity to see if this may be for you, that you take one small step to find out. I invite you to take 10 minutes sometime this week to ask God what He wants for you, and to guide you accordingly, to whatever people and resources He wishes to work through, in order to ultimately bring you to the abundant life that He promises in John 10:10.

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