You Can Find Yourself In The Bible, Here’s How

Young woman reading the Bible.

The Bible is much deeper than you could determine from only a casual reading. A more thorough perusal can yield tremendous insights about not only the people of the past and their experiences, but also your life today. Yes, it was written and even addressed to our ancestors. It is written with languages, genres, writing styles, terminology, and euphemisms that were more easily understood by people long ago than by you today. However, it is still directed to you as well.

This means it is up to you to understand it and not walk away when you find it difficult. Some might try to limit Scripture to a book that tells us about God and His people, as if our reading of it is purely educational, like a textbook or biography. However, Scripture is mysterious and symbolic, and often, God speaks about you directly with it, even if He uses the life of someone else to do so.

In a more significant, grand way, this is exactly what the Bible does with Jesus. We are given what are known as “types” throughout the Old Testament. A type is a prefigurement: which is a person, place, thing, or event that points forward to a future person, place, thing, or event meant to amplify that future thing, in order to help us better understand it and highlight its significance. In a way, it is like a reverse echo through time as recorded in the Bible that leads you to the source of the echo that happens much later.

For example, Noahs Ark is not just about Noah saving his family and many animals. It is actually about Jesus’ crucifixion as well. Noah is a type of Jesus in that he saved humanity through the wood of the Ark just like Jesus saved humanity through the wood of the Cross.

It’s tricky, I know, but it’s actually amazing. We see that Moses is a type of Jesus as he led the Israelites from their bondage to the Egyptians through the waters of the Red Sea, into the desert to eventually enter into the promised land, just as Jesus leads us from our bondage to sin through the waters of baptism and the desert of temptation in this life to eventually enter the promised land of heaven.

Truly, there are hundreds more of these that you can discover. However, in this post, I want to focus on how the Bible also does this with you. There are types of you and your life in Sacred Scripture. I do not even have the words to describe the amazement I have experienced many times in my life when I have heard readings at church that have directly spoken to me or read about a person in the Bible who was going through something very similar to what I was going through at the time that I read it.

For example, the patriarch Abraham has often been a type of me, in particular, when God told me to step out of my comfort zone and wait for my girlfriend, who had just broken up with me. It may sound different, but let’s look at Abrahams experience, and then I will explain how it connects to my own.

In Genesis 12, we hear of Abraham (whose name was Abram at the time) being called by God to leave his home to travel to a far-distant land where God will lead him. Abraham does this without any resistance, and after his travels, when he arrives in Canaan, the Lord tells him:

To your descendants, I will give this land.” Then, after some more travel and events, Abraham returns to Canaan from Egypt, and the Lord tells him:

All the land that you see I will give to you and your descendants forever. I will make your descendants like the dust of the earth; if anyone could count the dust of the earth, your descendants too might be counted. Get up and walk through the land, across its length and breadth, for I give it to you.”

Amazing! God truly promised Abraham that He would lead him to a good place and gave Abraham more than he could have ever imagined once Abraham obeyed Him. Not only that, but Abraham received another promise that God would provide the land to Abraham’s descendants and that his descendants would be as numerous as the dust of the earth, which is a lot and has been a lot, for we know that God has kept His promise to Abraham.

So, too, did God call me to leave my comfort zone to receive His promised blessing. It is actually amazing how many times the reading of Abraham trusting in God came up throughout the time that I was told to wait for the girl who broke up with me to return to me. It happened through a nine-day prayer known as a novena.

I saw a rose on every single day of the novena including the ninth day, the most important day, which God told me to look for, so I set out on my journey to wait for the girl I was hopelessly in love with to return. Unfortunately for me, it was a long wait. Plus, she enrolled at my tiny college, so I was stuck watching her talk to other guys and ignore me. I even watched her date someone else; all the while, the Lord was faithful to me.

Almost a year after I saw the rose, she started to talk to me again with a similar interest as she once had. We started talking more often. Eventually, it became clear that things were moving forward, and we went on our first official date for the second time at a Red Robin. Afterward, she took me to DUI school, which I had to attend due to a court sentencing that took place after my full-blown conversion and after I quit drinking and drugging. It was crazy; after I finally got my license back, I was living out my Christian life 110%, but I still had to blow into a tube to start my car.

God is good!

So yes, I had to trust in Gods promise. I have had to repeat this many other times, including when I started Zenith Ministries. It has been amazing to see God keep His promises. He is so good. And this is not to say that I am just as great as Abraham. Far from it!

I am saying that God is just as great to me as He was to Abraham and that He continues His blessings and keeps His promises today just as He did back then.

Also, because of this, Abraham is a type of Thomas Clements, and I point back to him similarly. God works in patterns, in echoes that go forward and backward to get across the same point: He is good and loves us.

And I am not the only one here. God is doing this for others as well. He is doing this for you! Trust in this. Trust in Him! Read the Bible to discover how God has placed types of you in Biblical history as well.

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